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Love & Box Story

My name is Lara and I am so excited to be in the business of bringing joy! Love&Box was born out of my love for clean modern design. But besides just creating beautiful and unique gifts, the idea behind the boxes is also a very practical one:  provide an all-in-one solution to gift-giving. hello= 

I've scrambled too many times in the past to find a meaningful gift for family and friends. I dreaded browsing stores for something suitable or ordering online early enough so it arrives on time.  Then, the last moment rush of running out to buy a card, wrapping paper and a gift bag or maybe finding a shipping box and visiting the post office!  Sounds familiar? 

Love&Box takes the hustle out of the process! With a few clicks, find one of our many unique gift boxes, personalise gift items for your special person, choose to engrave their name on the wooden keepsake box if desired, and decide what to write on the card.   And you are done!   Within 2-3 days, we will laser engrave and personalize the gifts, include a card, beautifully wrap the box and ship it for you  (or have it ready for pickup if you are local).  

Needless to say, the recipient will be thrilled to receive a stunning one-of-a-kind gift and will appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

Keep checking back as we are constantly coming up with new boxes.  And if you have an idea of a new box collection that you would like to see, get in touch!